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Word On The Street mobile app development helps clients increase loyalty with existing customers while increasing revenue stream and attracting new customers

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Here at Word On The Street we will help you all the way, from initial consultation through to design, development and deployment of your very own mobile application.

Requirements Analysis:

We'll start by exploring your idea and the functions you want to offer in your mobile application, and how they will be used by the end user. What sort of information you want presented and how and where that information will be stored and presented. This is the most imperative part of the mobile application development process to get right, as it's the main foundation of bringing your idea to reality.


Knowing what you want presented in your mobile application, we now work with you on the design and flow. Creating an intuitive and easy to use mobile application to keep the end users engaged. Graphics, colour schemes and layouts are as important as the information you present. Word On The Street will work closely with you, offering advise and ideas based on our experience.


The mobile application development phase is a quiet time in the project as far as client feedback. Unlike website development where there may be visuals to approve or interaction regarding content, all of this work is done before entering the application development phase. That’s why it is so important to spend quality time in the requirements analysis phase of the project.


We like to prepare clients that the amount of back and forth communication will be minimal until the Alpha Test version is ready for distribution. However, during Alpha and Beta testing it will be important for us to test the app a LOT. Our goal is to purposely try to break the app. Better to work out all of the bugs internally than have customers point them out for us!


Even after Word On The Street launches your mobile application, it is imperative to keep you app relevant and competitive by offering new features and changes. The best way to achieve this is by talking to your users and finding out what they like, dislike and would want to see within the mobile application.

why use Word on the street

We give you the power to engage customers and increase revenues, with total control over your mobile application via our user friendly control center.

Word On The Street specialization is in small business mobile applications, which are extremely affordable and easy to use.

Our Support

We have hundreds of help desk articles and videos, with step by step instructions on every process of using and modifying your application.

And you can also call one of our experienced support line to give you a helping hand


Leave the worry to us, we will make sure your application runs smoothly on all devices. As developers we keep ahead of the market and all the updates to the main operating systems to make sure your business runs like clock work.

Any device

If it's mobile then we will make sure your mobile application runs perfectly on your customers devices. And let them see the image of your business you want them to see.

Do more with Word On The Street

The mobile revolution is here, with more people using their mobile devices to interact with their favorite business.
Over 70% of interaction on the mobile phone are via applications. Don't get left behind.
Mobile Shopping Cart

Nearly 50% of all online purchases are done via a mobile device, increase your business and let your customers order directly from you when and wherever they are.


Use video, images and music to engage your customers. Sync up podcasts for in-app streaming. Users can listen on the go, even when they navigate outside the app.

online food ordering

Have customers always on the go, let them pre-order there coffee and pick up on the way to work, increase take out business by being just one click away to order their favorites.


With over a 99% read rate for push messaging, and only 12% for Facebook it's not hard to realize that you can reach more of your customers using your mobile application


Keep your customers informed of what is happening, the more your customers know about your business the more they will return


Run your own loyalty program, forget the paper cards and go digital. 45% of people are more likely to return and buy from your business if you run a loyalty program.

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